If you are about to have your first or seventh child, when it comes time to pick a name for that child, you have to put much consideration into that name. Some parents go with simple, mostly common names while others like to go above and beyond with not-so common names.

You have to be careful of what you name your child: it's their name for the rest of their life. So I wonder what young Fred Krueger is going to think of his name once he is old enough to realize what his name will mostly be associated with.

On Halloween this year John Krueger and Jessica Briley became proud parents and the Halloween lovers decided to give their child a name fitting of John's last name, Krueger. Young Fred was born via C-section on Thursday morning which was six days before Jessica's due date.

John couldn't pass up the chance to name their child after the lead character of the classic horror film series "A Nightmare On Elm Street."

What better way to have a Halloween baby than to have a Freddy Krueger?

Frederick Jack Krueger, or Freddy Jack as the family calls him, not only shares the name with the movie character; the name Frederick is the middle of John's great-grandfather. But when it comes down to it, Fred was named because of the movie series.

Some members of the family are not too thrilled over the choice of name but Jessica says if the child wasn't born on Halloween, the name would have been different.

We made a deal. If I went into labor before Halloween, we’d name him something else.


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