Some of us still remember the little concert hall by the Mohawk river, I saw my first Metal Show there, and I know I am not the only one with memories attached to Saratoga Winners. 


I saw Gwar 3 times at Saratoga Winners, although their performance at the second show was the best, the 3rd time I saw them was my favorite Saratoga Winners memory.

It all started when I was working at Nancy's Coffee in Crossgates Mall, another local business that does not exist anymore.

While working at the Coffee Shop, alone, days before Gwar was supposed to be in town,a very interesting looking couple walked into my store. The interesting thing about them was their clothes: warn leather jackets with spikes and studs that molded to their torsos like they had been sleeping in them, spiked wrist bands and chains, but not the kind you can buy at Hot Topic.

They ordered two coffees and sat at a table not too far away from me, so I could hear them talking. I was trying my best not to ease drop, but I herd them mention the Gwar Show in their conversation a few times.

I knew that they were not local, I noticed something alien to the Capital Region about them. I think it was the fact that, despite the way they were dressed, they were nice and not smug, angry or apathetic, they did not even act like they had a giant chip in their shoulder.

As I were working up the nerve to ask them the big question, they finished their coffee and walked out. I had missed my opportunity and all I needed was a good 'ice breaker' but I could not think of one in time.

As they walked out, a friend of mine walked in, I looked at a umbrella that had been left at the store months ago. I grabbed the umbrella and looked to my friend and said " Dillon, those two people that just walked out of here? I think that they are in Gwar, take this umbrella and ask them if they just left it here and ask if them if they are."

He took the umbrella and went after them, 20 minutes later the 3 of them returned.

"You were right!" Dillon said as he walked back up the counter, handing me the umbrella that no one seemed to want anymore.

I let the woman use the 'employees only' bathroom, and explained to the man that I was a student at Hudson Valley Community College and a contribute to the student newspaper and that I would like to interview them for the show that they were in town for. They said yes, and put Dillon and I on 'The List.'

I went to the show at Saratoga Winners feeling like the coolest nerd since Booger, I proudly told the man at the door that I am on 'The List' and then I saw 'The List' and my name was on it.

The show was great, it turned out that the woman ran Gwar's merchandise table and that the man was one of Gwar's extras for their stage show.

They informed me that the band was busy getting ready in their trailer and that I would be able to meet them after the show.

The show was your typical over-the-top Gwar show, I watched a drunk man get dragged out, and a elbow almost break my face from the pit.

After the show I got to meet Beefcake the Mighty, I introduced myself and he grabbed me by my leather jacket and lifted me off the ground without any effort and in a monstrous tone asked "WHAT'S THE QUESTION!"

We talked about the political satire in the groups lyrics and a friend of mine asked him to sign the 'Donor' line on his Driver's License, in which Beefcake wrote "Whole Body to GWAR - Beefcake."

The editor at the school paper butchered my article, but I still have the memory.

What is your Saratoga Winners memory?



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