With the recent announcement that Def Leppard could tour with Journey for some 2018 dates, I immediately had a flashback to 2006, when I caught Def Leppard and Journey live on my birthday at the Tweeter Center in Boston, MA on their Yeah! tour.  At the time, I was a huge fan of both bands, so the idea of them touring together was one that I couldn't miss. Particularly on my birthday- hand's down one of my best birthdays thus far in life.

From the moment I arrived to the show, I was instantly submerged into the rock and roll atmosphere.  I didn't have a car at the time, and my friends and I hitched a bus from Burlington, VT to Boston, MA to see the show.  We had planned to be in Boston the night before, however missed our bus out of town, and had to wait until the wee hours of the morning to hitch the next ride.  Sitting at a desolate bus station at midnight waiting to go see Def Leppard and Journey? Totally worth it.

The first people that I encountered at the arena was a group of guys in mullet wigs screaming about their Camaro.  Music was blasting, and the crowds were buzzing around.  Def Leppard beyond rocked (causing me to see them two more times after that live)!  With a magnificent light show and an undeniable area rock sound, I was transported into 1987 and my own hysteria.  I've read some comments recently about Def Leppard and Journey being an "odd pairing" for a show, but there was nothing odd about it.  The bands complemented each other perfectly, and it was a show that kept you rocking the entire time, instead of feeling like you're watching 3 hours of the same thing.  Journey was Journey- epic and legendary.  Needless to say, I rolled back to Vermont the next day a little bit worse for the wear in the best way possible.

Not much rivals an awesome live show for a birthday celebration, and I for one am TOTALLY looking forward to the possibility of these two bands touring together again.