There’s really no easy way to put this, but it appears that noodle armed surfer bros just flat out hate portable public bathrooms. Seriously without a description of what this video is about I would automatically assume this was an “anti portapotty” protest.

“Hell no, we won’t poop! Hell no, we won’t poop!”

I can’t understand why this bro’s are so mad. The sun is shining, you’re at the beach, there is booze available and surfing, what’s there to hate? Sure I know some of the guys in this video may have had a few too many chocolate covered macadamia nuts in there day but just because you look like a ball of jelly when your shirt is off doesn't mean you have to take it out on the EZ-Does-It.

PS: Beating up drunk high school surfer bro's is like beating up a 7 year old. Super easy and super fun.