Have you ever noticed how much Hillary Clinton and Roseanne look alike? Roseanne looks like she could be Hillary’s crazy sister. I don’t know if she would be the crazy older sister, or the crazy younger sister, but she sure looks like a crazy sister to me. Either way, this insane woman has a new show called ‘Roseanne’s Nuts’ that premieres tonight at 9pm on Lifetime. What’s funny to me is that it’s on the Lifetime channel. I know that technically she is a woman, but she has never come off as very womanly to me. Anyway, it’s a reality show where Roseanne, her boyfriend and her son run a macadamia nut farm in Hawaii. In a Newsweek interview she compares it to ‘Larry David meets reality TV’. Well that doesn’t sound so bad. Anything that even mentions Larry David tweaks my interest. Well, if I remember that it's on, or flip by, I will probably check it out. But considering that I don’t normally go by Lifetime (or even know what channel it is), probably not. But I know that a lot people grew up watching Roseanne, so I thought I’d mention it.

So anyway, don’t you think Hillary and Roseanne look like sisters? One who's fun and crazy, and never affraid to show you how she feels know matter how happy, sad, silly or disturbing it may be. And one who's the complete opposite and just seems to hide behind a bunch of bullcrap where you never really know what her vested interest it. I'm starting to wonder if this blog is about Roseanne's new show, or just about bashing Hillary. Well, I had to blog about something, and this is where it took me.