When Crossgates Mall in Albany first opened in 1984 and residents of the Capital Region made their way to the mall to shop at Caldor or Filene's the ease of getting in and out flowed nicely. Today traffic can get bottled up, especially on Crossgates Mall Road near the I-87 access points.

Looks like relief is on the way, as construction begins today on a new roundabout at Crossgates Mall.

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According to the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA), a new roundabout will be developed at Crossgates Mall for access to and from the I-87 Northway as part of its Purple Line Project. You can expect some delays while crews upgrade traffic signals, repave and restripe the roadways and update the landscaping. Here's what to expect.

Construction is underway now and is expected to wrap up by August. The CDTA says this project will be broken up into phases to provide the least amount of disruption to traffic.


Here is the proposed construction timeline:

  • Phase 1A April 3 – April 21: On ramp to I-87 Northbound closed.
  • Phase 1B April 24 – May 16: I-87 Southbound off ramp right turns restricted.
  • Phase 2 May 17- June 8: Crossgates Mall Road becomes one lane of traffic in both directions. On Ramp to I-87 Northbound closed for left turns from Crossgates Mall Road.
  • Phase 3 June 9 – July 1: Crossgates Mall Road is one lane of traffic in each direction. Left turns are closed from both Crossgates Mall Road to I-87 and I-87 Southbound off ramp to Crossgates Mall Road.
  • Phase 4 July 5 – July 28: Traffic on Crossgates Mall Road is split around the work area. Left turns onto and from I-87 are still closed.

Crossgates Mall in Albany Opened in 1984

This is what the Crossgates Mall looked like when it opened in 1984.

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