The Saratoga Springs City Council has put the kibosh on gun shows in the area.

According to the Times Union, City Council members met today (Friday) in a room full of supporters and critics and banned gun shows at Saratoga Springs City Center, shows which have triggered controversy for years.  The council heard from people on both sides and unanimously voted on the ban at 11am.  The council will meet again to adopt an amendment to the lease of Saratoga Springs City Center that will ban the sales and displays of firearms in the future. The recent Parkland, Fla. school tragedy is what provoked Mayor Meg Kelly to propose the ban. If approved, the ban won't go into effect until after the New Eastcoast Arms Collector's Association's show at the City Center May 25th to 27th.

Many proud gun owners here in the Capital Region area, it makes me wonder what your thoughts are on the the ban?

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