A Saratoga Springs woman has temporarily halted the removal of an area willow tree.

According to the Saratogian, the city had plans to cut down a tree in Congress Park on Tuesday until a woman prevented it from happening. Saratoga Spring resident Rhianna Stallard spotted workers preparing to take the tree down while she was on her way to work and she decided to climb the tree, where she stayed for about 30 minutes. City employees told her that they wouldn't cut down the tree and she eventually came down. City commissioner of Public Works Anthony Scirocco however stated that the tree must come down because it's diseased, and has a big gaping hole near the trunk making it a safety hazard. The tree sits next to the carousel in the park and the city has gotten complaints about insects around it and young kids climbing in the hole of the tree.  "Too much of a liability for the city. It's got to go. It needs to be taken down," Scirocco said.

There is an upside to the story however. Although the tree is going to be taken down soon, a new tree will take it's place, according to Scirocco.

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