Alright, one more spot to cool off this summer and just in time for this weekends heat wave.

You may remember that last year the Peerless Pool at Saratoga Spa State Park had to close a week early to begin on renovations so that the pool could open in time for this years swim season. Sure enough, after $2.9 million in renovations, the pool has indeed opened, on time and just ahead of the first technical "heat wave" of summer.

According to the TU some of the new renovations are;

Well-marked and condensed complex of buildings including a new playground, energy efficient bathrooms with family changing facility, shade structures, a pollinator garden, bike racks, benches, Frisbee golf and bluebird boxes. The renovation also improved handicap accessibility and sight lines for the lifeguards. The biggest change are the grassy surfaces and plant life that now surround the exterior.

Apparently this only the beginning of the renovations at the park (you can read more about future renovations here) however, I think that this is probably the one I'm most excited to check out especially with the impending humidity taking over the Cap Region this weekend.

Will you be visiting the newly renovated pool this summer?


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