The new casino is not only bringing jobs to the Capital Region but it's making sure their employees can get to those jobs.

Nick Lee TSM
Nick Lee TSM

This is actually a really cool incentive for their employees. I mean imagine being able to get to and from work without having to worry about a car payment, insurance, and gas money?!?!

According to the Daily Gazette the new Rivers Resort and Casino in Schenectady will be paying for it's employees to ride CDTA buses for FREE! Apparently the casinos parent company was in talks with CDTA to come to an agreement to make this happen well before ground was even broken on the casino and the employee access agreement is set to go into effect on February 5th, just a couple days before the casino opens.

With over 1,000 people expected to begin working at Rivers Resort and Casino that is a whole lot of bus passes. If you are looking for a job that is willing to help get you to and from work you might want to put an application in. Even if they are fully staffed I've got to imagine that there's going to be some turn over in the beginning. Couldn't hurt to get the process started.

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