Schenectady has been a hotbed for filming movies and TV shows. Back in June of 2021, there was a show filmed for Discovery Plus and the Travel Channel called "A Haunting" and Schenectady was the backdrop. Also, a local couple appears in the show that airs tonight (Friday, February 11th).

What Schenectady Things Will We See?

According to the Daily Gazette, there are peeks of Schenectady and a few historic locations around the city. Chances are you will see landmarks from Schenectady in the episode.

What is "A Haunting" About?

The paranormal series started in 2005 and each episode is real first-person accounts of possible exorcisms and encounters with ghosts. They present it in a dramatic recreation. It features psychic mediums, priests, shamans, and paranormal investigators. The production company, New Dominion Pictures, has many awards and accolades in all different fact-based genres.

What Will The Schenectady Episode Be About?

The episode that was filmed in Schenectady is called "Nevermore" and the Travel Channel website describes it as a couple (who is from Schenectady) find themselves "under attack by paranormal forces summoned by a jealous ex. As dark spirits grow more violent, they turn to multiple paranormal experts in an attempt to break the curse by any means before it breaks them up.”

You can catch the episode tonight (Friday, February 11th) at 10 pm on the Travel Channel and Discovery Plus.

The episode airs at 10 p.m. Friday on Travel and Discovery Plus.

Right now HBO Max's "Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin" is filming at the Schenectady Armory and is currently looking for background extras. Click HERE to apply.

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