Police work is no game but the Schenectady Police Department is partnering with Schenectady-based Catapult Games to develop virtual police training programs. Nothing can replace real life experience but this should fast-track the training process.

CBS6 reports that the main focus will be on de-escalation tactics. The Schenectady Police Department will help Catapult Games create and will test different scenarios to make it as realistic as possible. The company also plans to get community feedback about police-community relations.

Catapult Games provides game development services to help build your PC, console and virtual reality games. Their adventure began with Don't Look Down, a virtual reality climbing game with classic platforming elements.

The Police Simulator video game has been around for a while. One big difference is that the Schenectady Police Department will be working with Catapult and Catapult will be working with the community for, what should be, a more realistic situational experience rather than a fantasy based game.

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The video game industry has been huge for decades now and some of the most popular games include shooting, crime and military story lines. Here are some of the top video games of the last 2 decades.

Catapult Games says after testing with Schenectady Police, they hope to share the Virtual Reality training with police across the country.

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