A 19 year old who pushed an 81 year old woman to the ground at a Family Dollar in Schenectady and stole her purse is going away.

According to The Daily Gazette, Imiah I. Belle was sentenced to six months in jain Wednesday for her role in a purse-snatching where she pushed an 81 year old woman to the ground in the process. Belle was arrested last summer along with 20 year old Latia I. Chandler after being accused of a robbery near the Family Dollar store on Eastern Parkway in Schenectady. The 81 year old woman required medical care for head and back injuries after the two suspects knocked the woman down and stole her purse. Chandler received her six-month sentence in April. "I had plans to do better. This is definitely something I'll keep in mind to do better," Imiah Belle told the judge.

Let's hope that these two young ladies learn their lesson from this terrible incident.

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