With July 4th around the corner, Schenectady wants to deter people from using illegal fireworks by hitting them with a hefty fine.

According to The Times Union, the city is calling for fines of up to $250 for anyone caught doing a public fireworks display without a permit. The City Council discussed the proposal in a committee meeting last week. The measure has much support but must be approved by the full council. If approved, police could seize fireworks and paraphernalia from an individual with probable cause with a fine being determined by the judge.  Councilman John Polimeni said, "I don't think that it's going to alleviate it completely, but hopefully it alleviates it a lot." He also said that police chief Eric Clifford plans to step up enforcement and that he hopes to get help from the state police.

What do you think of the proposed measure? Will it deter you from setting off illegal fireworks with the possibility of a $250 fine?

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