Schenectady Police have scheduled two upcoming active shooter trainings for the public to attend.  News 10 abc reports that after numerous requests from the community, Schenectady Police have arranged to hold two training classes which will cover strategies and survival plans in the event of an active shooter.  The classes will be held at Proctors Theater, and are scheduled for March 19, 6-8pm, and March 25, 3-5pm.  The events are free to anyone who wants to attend, and you can get more information at News 10 abc.

While a difficult subject or situation to imagine, it's a great idea for the professionals to be educating and helping the community.  Unfortunately, gun violence is a reality, and what better way to be prepared than learning from the professionals.  I personally would like to see more communities and police forces offer these types of trainings, because in any emergency situation it's impossible to know exactly how to react.  What are your thoughts?