The "Summer of Bummer" continues as the bigger and more traditional 4th of July firework shows have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, but all is not lost! While some of the massive displays that we're used to seeing in downtown Albany, Clifton Park, and Lake George won't be happening, that's not stopping fireworks in many places in our area.  Here's a list of area places that will be boomin' and bangin' and lighting up the night on 4th of July weekend with firework displays that also meet social distance requirements.

The Times Union created a comprehensive list of places that are moving forward with firework this 4th of July weekend even if most places have canceled.   Some of these firework displays come with certain CDC guidelines and protocol that include wearing masks and social distancing, while other firework shows will happen while you watch only from your car or home.  But it's not the 4th without fireworks so despite the limitations, at least it's something.

According to the Times Union, these places will have fireworks on Saturday night July 4th.

Make sure you know what the proper guidelines and restrictions are before you plan on attending.  And have a happy and safe 4th from all of us!

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