There have been more and more vehicles passing stopped school buses. In an effort to make our children safer, the governor just passed legislation to have cameras installed on the stop-arms of the buses.

According to News Channel 13, Governor Andrew Cuomo made it official to ensure children's safety when getting on and off the school bus. There have been thousands of cars that pass stopped school buses across the state illegally and now there is legislation in place that puts cameras on the stop-arms to catch those motorists.

In the past, there had to be a police officer catching the vehicles that illegally pass a school bus. Now with these cameras, there will be proof of the violators that can be ticketed and caught. Drivers that are caught on camera can face two hundred and fifty dollar fines.

The governor hopes that this bill will help to catch those violators and, in turn, make it safer for our children to ride the school bus to and from school. There are far too many motorists that pass stopped school buses all over the state.

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