I understand the growing concern over weapons in schools and violence altogether with children but for the love of God we have gone too politically correct on this issue.

A school in Oregon disciplined two 7-year-old boys over an imaginary sword fight - IMAGINARY! The boys were acting out something from the mid-evil times and the school threw up a red flag.

The boys lost the last 15 minutes of their recess over what? Seriously explain this to me? They had no weapons but were acting out "violently" is that it? Can kids no longer be kids and have imaginations?

The boys were copying the computer game Minecraft where you fight off zombies. They used "air" swords and axes to fight off the imaginary hoards. They didn't even have a stick in their hands - no weapons or anything looking like weapons what-so-ever.

The school "doesn't allow those types of games" according spokesperson Beth Graser. She continued with "these students in particular have been spoken to on multiple occasions about this specific type of behavior."

Graser feels the punishment fits the offense though the boys don't understand why they were punished. The school handbook has policies against weapons  but nothing about the imaginary type. Graser says the handbook is clear on the school's stance about weapons of any kind.

Have we gone too far? Imaginary weapons are now forbidden? What happened to being a kid, having an imagination, and being allowed to play like a kid.