Yes! If you ask me, you can't go wrong with more brunch options ... especially if those options come from one of the most highly regarded brunch spots in Albany!

Banana pancakes with maple syrup, brunch

Brunch is probably one of my favorite meals. Mostly because not only do you get to sleep in but you still have the option to enjoy delicious breakfast foods in a restaurant setting at later hours. Plus you can pair all that yummy food with a mimosa or bloody mary and your pretty much set for the day!

When I first moved to the Capital Region and was looking for a good brunch spot in the Albany area one of the first places that almost everyone threw at me was Cafe Madison which is located at 1108 Madison Ave. in Albany. The spot is known for it's signature brunch and breakfast foods and is literally only open brunch hours. The only problem is that the brunch spot is so good that it's often very busy.

Well, it seems as though they have found a solution. According to All Over Albany the owners have announced that they will be opening a 2nd Cafe Madison location at 350 Northern Boulevard in the Louden Plaza. The new location is scheduled to open in late fall and will be open from 7pm to 3p daily. If you want to learn more about the new location you can click HERE.