If you thought we had it bad Tuesday just wait for what Wednesday has in store.

So Tuesday dumped about 4 inches of powdery goodness on the Capital Region.  The surrounding areas saw up to 8, especially in the higher elevations.  The morning ride was a mess and the afternoon commute wasn't much better.  That was just the beginning.

The winter storm warning is still in effect until 7am Thursday morning.  We can expect up to another 10 inches of heavy, heavy snow.  If that's not enough to get you all psyched up for Wednesday, it could also mix with sleet!  Yay!  The most interesting thing about this storm system is how it's effecting our country as a whole.  More than 100 million people are feeling it's wrath in nearly 30 states.  Pretty impressive mother nature. It could also throw a monkey wrench (or, according to my girlfriends mother, a hockey wrench) into the Free Beer & Hot Wings Show live broadcast from Dallas for the Super Bowl on Thursday and Friday.  So, groundhog, you better not be seeing your shadow tomorrow.  I have had enough of this winter.

UPDATE:  Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings has declared a snow emergency for the City of Albany.  All city buildings will be closed and he is urging people to stay inside to avoid the storm. City buildings will reopen on Thursday.