Just a friendly reminder ... you are running out of time.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

It's time for the stressful part of the Holiday's to kick into full gear. Especially if you are like me and procrastinate like it's your job and wait until the very last minute to get all your shopping and shipping done!

You still have a couple of days to make the shopping part happen if you plan to deliver the gifts in person. However, if your goal is to ship your gifts I am here to remind you that you are running out of time and to get that stuff in the mail!

I realized this as I was touring Crossgates yesterday attempting to do my holiday shopping when I found that I kept telling myself:

Forget this. Just go home and order everything online.

Which I probably could have done forever ago but apparently last minute is how I roll. Anyway, when I got home and decided to start ordering I realized I was cutting it pretty close to having the packages arrive by Christmas. Not only that but the closer we get to the 25th the more expensive shipping is.

So if you are trying to have some gifts shipped by the holiday time is of the essence. Seriously, you might want to get on that. Your welcome.