I don't know about you but I could certainly use an extra day for recovery.

Weekly Jobless Numbers Unexpectedly Rise
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For years various fans, organizations and companies have been lobbying for the day after the Super Bowl to be declared as a National Holiday. I've seen everything form petitions to ad campaigns trying to make this a thing to no avail. Which is interesting given the statistics on employees taking/calling off, showing up late, or just flat out being pretty much unproductive on the Monday after the Super Bowl.

I mean there a millions of football fans all across the country that invest some serious time throughout the season to their favorite team and even their fantasy teams. For 51 years this has been going on (slightly less for fantasy teams). At the end of the season during the biggest game of the year fans from different teams come together to root on the final two teams on the first Sunday in February surrounded by an abundance of food, snacks, and adult beverages. Not to mention for us east coasters the game isn't exactly an early game so it makes the Monday after the Super Bowl that much more rough.

Look I'm all for getting an extra paid day off work because let's be honest who doesn't want to get paid not to work?!? But the way I see it there is another solution to this problem ...

Move the Super Bowl to Saturday! There is a good portion of playoff games held on a Saturday so why not the Championship? Hey, it's just my suggestion, not that the NFL would be willing to change tradition or the government be willing to appoint a new National holiday.

Still the question remains ... will you be showing up for work tomorrow? On time?