Over a month ago, a barge, tug boat and the Captain JP broke free and headed down the icy Hudson River. The Captain JP was wedged beneath a bridge for hours and now they have assessed the damage.
  According to News Channel 13, the owner of the Captain JP, Jim Pledger, said that the damage to his charter boat was more than he had originally thought. He says that he thought it would be around one hundred fifty thousand dollars but in fact it will be nearly two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Jim Pledger said that they now have to remove the boat from the water and get the bottom inspected so they can see what repairs need to be made in that area. He says that they are working hard to make sure that the Captain JP will be ready to go to accommodate the parties they have already booked. Their first parties are scheduled for the first week of May. He is hoping the boat will be back in the water somewhere between April 15th and the 20th.

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