You can almost be certain that a chick who snorts condoms up her nose is pretty much down for anything. Sure some people may look at this and find it gross but let me tell you what I see. I see a chick that has just opened up two new holes of exploration that I have yet to venture into. And the fact that she is snorting condoms lets me know she down to try it, but only if you wear protection.

PS: is this chick hot or not. Like I know she’s super young but with that aside and all, is she still good looking? I can’t get passed her strange wondering eye. It’s either because she’s looking at the side flap monitor on the camera or her right eye has permanent ADD. Like the rest of her body is concentrating on making this video but that damn right eye just won’t stop looking out the window in the other room. She might not be hot with the strange cross eyed thing, but factor in the condom up the nose and we might have something.


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