With all of the school closings today I am reminded of what it was like when I was a kid and school was closed, can you?

Japanese Winter
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The one thing I can remember better then anything else about the snow days of my childhood was listening to the list of school closings on the radio, the anticipation of hearing those magic words: North Colonie, Closed.

Unfortunately, North Colonie rarely closed and I did not hear those magic words too many times but when I did there was much rejoice, my parents hated it though.

I would eat cereal and watch cartoons in the morning before going outside to play in the snow, then I would come back in and eat lunch and watch movies and play video games or G.I. Joe until it was diner time.

I miss those days, I don't get to have guilt free snow days anymore and if my son's school is canceled it means extra work for me.

One thing that I realized today made me kind of happy, I realized that kids today still do what I did when I was kid when school is closed due to bad weather, their video games may look cooler then mine did but lets see one of these little twerps try and beat Master Blaster.... I never could.

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