With the string of extreme heat waves we have been experiencing recently students in New York could soon be getting 'Heat Days' as well as 'Snow Days' ...

It's no secret that the heat has been particularly brutal around the Capital Region this summer. I mean we hit a record number of consecutive days where the temperature was above 90 degrees and you add in the humidity and that heat index got down right unbearable.

The high temperatures are now extending over into the school year both at the beginning and end of the session and according to the TU one teacher's union in New York is pushing for legislation to do something about it. Whether it be implementing 'Heat Days' like we do 'Snow Days' or at the very least having some sort of contingency plan in a heat emergency with box fans, water, or extra breaks when there are a lot of schools in New York and across the North East that are without air conditioning or adequate cooling.

I can attest to what a challenge it is to be productive and stay focused when you are trying to do so in a stuffy room with no AC or even windows to open. Our air conditioning units went out at the beginning of summer and just recently got back up and running and let me tell you, we had days where the temps in the studios were hitting 90 degrees and even with box fans blowing on our faces the struggle was real.


I can only imagine how hard it would be to get a large group of children to concentrate when all you can think about is how hot it is while sweat is literally dripping off of you. Especially when those near record braking temps have been known to cause "illness, exacerbate medical conditions, and lead to dizziness and lethargy".

Although I have no children of my own, I can totally, understand the struggle for working parents should 'Heat Days' be implemented as well. With having to try and find childcare on short notice or risk having to miss work and essentially a chunk of their paycheck.

How do you think Capital Region school's should handle the extreme heat? Do you think 'Heat Days' should be a thing? Let us know in the comments.