This is no April Fools joke.  Just when we thought we were moving onto better weather Mother Nature has decided to throw us a bit of a curve ball.

I thought we were done with all this winter weather?  The reason why I thought that is because I was under the impression that we were now into Spring.  Last I knew that doesn't mean we are going to be loaded down with another foot of snow!  Looks like that is what we are looking at though, and it's going to be the heavy stuff.

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for the majority of the Capital Region.  In the Albany area you can expect 5-9 inches by the time things wrap up.  The higher elevations could see up to 14 inches.  That's really not cool Mother Nature.  We finally just got all this snow melted and now you give us more?  That is insanity.

So who is to blame for this?  Canada!  Cold air from the north is pushing down and mixing with precipitation that is scheduled to hit us which will turn the rain that most other places will be getting into snow.  Thanks Canada, you're a real pal.

Expect a messy Friday morning ride because that is when the bulk of the storm will be crashing down upon us.  Give yourself plenty of extra time and stay tuned into Q103 for up date weather and traffic plus we have all your closing and delays on the website!