Looks like the Aerosmith front man is doing his own thing for a little while.


So there have been all kinds of reports going back and forth now for months about how some of the guys in Aersosmith aren't happy about Steven Tyler taking the gig as an American Idol judge.  There were also reports that they are working on a brand new Aersomith album, but I don't see how Tyler has time for that and also work on a solo gig.  That's right, it looks like he is goign solo.

According to Classic Rock Magazine, Tyler's daughter Liv let the cat out of the bag on Jimmy Kimmell Live saying that he had played her his new single and she loved it.  Now did she mean the new Aersosmith single?  Doubtful.  The guys in Aerosmith haven't all been avaiable to record until now.  Joe Perry said that they weren't all heading into the studio until April, so obviously Steven has some solo work prepared.  I guess this guy can't sit still.  maybe he has been hanging out with James Franco and just likes to work.  Hell, maybe Franco produced the record.  No other information about the solo venture yet, also, no news on the future of Aerosmith.