Wow, talk about devastation. Some of footage from the tornadoes in the south is just plain scary. If you’re like me and have never really been anywhere near one, it almost seems unreal. After watching some of these videos I think, sometimes it’s not so bad living in the Northeast.

We all bitch about the snow and the cold, and this year it seemed as if it would never get warm. But it doesn’t really matter where you live in the world, there’s always something. Whether it’s snow, hurricanes, tornadoes, constant rain and clouds, earthquakes and tsunamis, I don’t think there’s anywhere that’s a true paradise. If there is, let me know as you can make a comment below. This video shows more of the results of the tornadoes, but if you click here you can see more footage of individuals watching the tornadoes blow through.  After watching you may want to say 2 prayers. One in thanks that we didn't have to go through this, and another one for those that did.

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