Driving from the Capital Region to Vermont the other night, I got a chance to see some of the damage done by the recent storms.

In a recent post by WNYT, updating the public on power outages and work being done by National Grid, they noted that nearly 300,000 customers had been impacted by the storms.  Between the wind and rain, there have been power outages, flooding, and tree damage.

Flooding by Ticonderoga credit: Tatiana
Flooding by Ticonderoga credit: Tatiana

Driving up the Northway and through Ticonderoga, I saw massive trees down with work crews trying to manage the debris. By massive I mean houses were lucky they weren’t hit or they would’ve been taken down too.  Roads were closed in portions of the Adirondacks due to flooding.  Power was out in places from here through the Adirondacks.  In fact, the one gas station I stopped at off exit 28 said they were only running because of the ability to use their own generator.  Even one of our staff members actually had to huck a tree off the road to be able to get to work here in the Capital Region.  So let us know- we’re you impacted by the storms?  Any photos of the experience?

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