Beer from 1886. You read that right. It is a little more than research though. They want to make a new beer from it!

March 14th, 1886, the SS Oregon was in the final approach of its destination. It was traveling from Liverpool, UK on way to New York City with 852 passengers. About 15 miles away from its destination, the ship struck another smaller vessel and sank. When it hit the ocean floor it lost most of its cargo into the water as it ripped open the ship. Bottles of beer from that shipwreck have been recovered.

You may ask how this is even something possible to make a beer from that beer, right? The yeast. The yeast from the bottle of salvaged beer is being observed/tested to potentially make a new beer. There is a little bit of a hiccup though. They aren't the first ones to observe this 130-year-old yeast. That honor would go to a brewery in Long Island, Saint James Brewery.

The issue, the owner of that brewery is mad about it all. He has said he already created a brew made with the yeast and asked for the college to back off. He feels that all of his hard work is being ignored. The original plan was for the university to observe and research the yeast and then to allow Serious Brewery in Howes Cave to make a brew from it. The owner of Serious Brewery, Bill Felter had agreed to back off as he didn't want to "Step on toes".

Felter is still hoping the research can continue.

“We are still wrapping our head around all of the plot turns,”  - NYUP

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