Now that the NFL is in full swing and the regular season right around the corner, ol' Monte took at look at this year's odds for each team to win Super Bowl XLVI.  After all of the off-season moves that teams like the Patriots and Eagles have made, seeing them at the top is no surprise, however, the early season favorites haven't panned out in recent years.  The odds just may surprise you!

According to, their recent list of odds for teams to win Super Bowl XLVI has the Pats sitting at 14-2.  That should please our very own Pats fans, Rob Dawes and Mrozek!  Not surprising at all considering Belicheck's boy's odds match last year's record and they have made a big splash in the off-season trading for Chad Ochocinco and adding Albert Haynesworth. With eight Pro Bowls between the two, it's clear they have the talent.  Both are aging a little and Haynesworth was basically a washout in Washington but I'm sure it's fresh in your mind on what coach Belicheck did for Randy Moss' career revival.

Second on the list are the defending champs, the Packers.  The Pack really didn't need to make a lot news-worthy off-season moves.  Besides the old cliche, if it aint broke, don't fix it, over a dozen players are coming off of the injured list.  Last year, the Packers won Super Bowl XLV without guys like their Tight End Jermichael Finley and a Running Back who was off a 1,200 yard, 11 TD season in Ryan Grant.  The Pack still won the ring and with a slew of players returning, their 7-1 odds seem legit.

Our Free Beer and Hotwings producer, BJ, will be happy to see that third on the list is the team that has made the most noise this off-season, the Eagles.  After winning the NFC East last season behind the league's Comeback Player of the Year, Michael Vick,  the Eagles have made the most headlines thus far adding players like shut down Corners, Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, and Receiver, Steve Smith.  If Smith's knee is healthy, this could be a steal! Let's not forget that Smith had 107 catches in a season pre-injury for the Giants, has a Super Bowl ring and caught three TD's in the title game en route to winning a National Championship at USC.

Despite the top three teams looking prime to hold the Lombardi Trophy this year, history seems to prove that favorites often go home empty handed after the big game.  According to to, the Packers were a 12-1 bet last year but the Chargers sat at 7-1 and the Colts at 6-1 and both didn't even make it to the Super Bowl.  The Bolts actually sat home for the playoffs.  When the Saints won Super Bowl XLIV, their odds before the season were 25-1, the Steelers 18-1 for XLIII and when the Giants won XLII, they opened up the season at 30-1 before downing the Pats who were a 5-1 favorite pre-season.

Perhaps this year's Super Bowl champion will come from the middle bodog's odds chart?  A surprise team to earn the ring.  Could we be seeing the Cowboys (18-1) or the Texans (25-1) carry their coach off of the field?  Remember, you can't bet on NFL games - ol' Monte is just sending you the odds chart and giving my opinion on who might win the big game.  However, if I took a plane to Vegas, I'd put a dollar on the Bills.  At 150-1, I might get lucky eh?  Who do you think will win Super Bowl XLVI?