It's been 5 years since the iPhone launched on AT&T in the U.S. Then came Verizon in 2010, and Sprint soon after that. Now, it's time to T-Mobile to get the chance to offer it. A T-mobile spokesperson made the announcement about a week ago, but it hasn't seem to generate the buzz it has for other carriers.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

T-mobile hasn't announced which versions of the iPhones it will carry here in the U.S., and nothing has been posted on the Apple website about it, so many details are unknown, but T-Mobile carries the iPhone in Europe so they are no stranger to the phone. T-Mobile USA CEO John Legere did say that they would be offering the iPhone in a different way. What does that mean? From what he seems to be saying, there will be no subsidies for the phones. Meaning you wouldn't be getting an iPhone for $199 and a two year contract, you would be paying the $649 retail cost of the phone and be able to upgrade whenever you want, and possibly get cheaper plans.

It was also mentioned in the news article that you would also be able to pay an extra fee per month to pay off the phone, but still get a decent price on a calling plan. A $99 iPhone was mentioned, but a model wasn't specified. Still, no other prices were announced but this is a different way of offering a phone, compared to what we all know. Once more info is released by T-mobile we'll have a better understanding of what the bottom line will be for customers that want the iPhone on T-Mobile.

Still, unlocked GSM iPhones could be used with T-Mobile, but as one author found out, it takes a while to get the iPhone configured for T-Mobile. But I'm guessing that will be something that happens automagically when a T-Mobile iPhone become reality.

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