The latest menu item at Taco Bell features Cheez-Its and you can now get it here in the Capital Region.

I don't care who you are you've had Taco Bell and you've liked it. Stop denying this fact and just give in.

While fast food from any place should be eaten in moderation, every now and then one of them releases an item that you just have to try because it seems too good to be true.

Enter Taco Bell

Taco Bell has officially launched a few new menu items that feature a big cheese flavor from Cheez-it. It is featured in a crunch wrap and also a new tostada. No, it is not just a bunch of cheez-its thrown into the mix, it is a giant cheez-it, 16 times larger than a normal snack cracker.

Cheez-its are hands down my favorite snack, and while Taco Bell isn't a go-to location for me anymore I had to give this a try.

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I decided to take a drive over the the Taco Bell on Balltown Road in Schenectady to see if they had the new menu item available. They did! Only, you have to order it via the Taco Bell app. For right now, it's the only place that it is available. Shoutout to the staff of that Taco Bell for helping me out there when I couldn't find it on the kiosk menu inside of the location.


If you like the crunch wrap you will like this, unless you don't like Cheez-its. It does have a lot of Cheez-t flavor just so you are aware.

Until June 5th the new menu items are only available via the app, but will be added to the regular menu on June 6th.

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