This kid might unintentionally make 75K just for having sex and he doesn’t have to go to school? How can you expect this kid to take his SATs after this?

According to 16 year-old Anders Hemdal was suspended from his Pennsylvania high school after the school learned of a sex tape made of him and his girlfriend on spring break. Hemdal claims the video was taken by a 3rd party who secretly videotaped them and is not to blame for the video. Also he is in the works of suing his school for $75,000 for their wrong full punishment and embarrassment.

If I was 16 years old and already making $75K for having sex there is no way in hell I would consider going to college. The one thing I think about all day and try to do constantly is now making me enough money to eat 205 double cheeseburgers every day? Sorry crazy sex for free parties in college, I’m skipping you and going straight to the pros!