Dear James Franco, Everyone in the Capital Region is so excited about you coming here to shoot your movie and it's all your fault, thanks James Franco!

James Dean Televised Movie
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Because of your movie, traffic is a mess in Troy, thanks James Franco!

Parts of Troy, NY are being transformed to look like it's the 1980's or the 1970's or something and Troy, NY just started looking like a modern city, thanks James Franco!

About a year ago, everyone was so excited that Albany, NY was being considered as a filming location for the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie, but then they went with another location, thanks James Franco!

Candace already blogged about this and will be upset that I did to but I could not resist, thanks James Franco!

After seeing 'Oz the Great and Powerful' I started to find green girls attractive, thanks James Franco!

I am a Detroit Red Wings fan, I hung a Red Wings banner in his room but when I ask him who his favorite hockey team is, he says "The Ducks!" Thanks James Franco!

Halloween was on a Monday this year so my son had school and I had work and I had to work the next day so I could not do much of anything, thanks James Franco!

Because Halloween was on a Monday my brother threw a party for the kids on Sunday and I ate too many chicken wings and boneless ribs and felt like a piggy all Monday morning, thanks James Franco!

Vaginas are illegal, thanks James Franco!

My wife won't stop eating my son's Halloween candy, thanks James Franco!

I had a bacon cheese burger from Chili's and I did not know that the side pickles were sweet and I put them on my burger and it almost ruined it, thanks James Franco!

The Detroit Lions are 4-4, thanks James Franco!

It's getting colder outside, yesterday there was frost everywhere and it's only November 2nd, thanks James Franco!




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