On the 11th day of Christmas, Q103 gave me oregano, but it was supposed to be "Pipers Piping," and now I would like to file a complaint.

Although I enjoy sharing my gifts, from Q103 with all of you, there are 2 that I am upset about.

"Ladies Dancing"

I did not mind the glitter bomb, it felt kind of dazzling, but if someone asked me what would I rather get? Glitter to the face, or Ladies Dancing to the face?

I would pick the Ladies Dancing, I did not get this, the only Lady dancing, was the Rock Girl, as she dumped feathers on chocolate sauce and whipped cream, covered head.

Then she hit me with the pillow.

"Pipers Piping"

A face full of Oregano, smells like Oregano, and it taste like Oregano. Pipers do not smoke Oregano from their pipes, they smoke something else.

I would of likes what the real "Pipers Piping" and real "Ladies Dancing."

Santa can not give me these things, and Q103 can not ether, in fact, Q103 had their chance.

I guess I have to send this blog to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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