The Albany Devils, the AHL affiliate of the New Jersey Devils are leaving Albany and no other AHL team has any plans to move to Albany anytime soon, although I think that this is terrible for Albany I find it amusing because I am a Detroit Red Wings fan.


Don't get me wrong it's a bad thing that Albany is losing an AHL team again and that this is the second time the New Jersey Devils affiliate have done this to us but do you have any idea how annoying Devils fans are?

New Jersey Devils fans seem to think that if you're from Albany you should like the Devils and they will tell you that you should like the Devils over your preferred team.

This news comes at such a bad time for me because this Saturday my son will be participating in a youth Hockey game this Saturday before the Devils game, it's not like the Devils announcing that they are not staying in Albany ruins the special occasion this Saturday but it defiantly puts a damper on it.

I am sure that another AHL team will eventually come to Albany but I have a better idea: Why can't Albany have it's own NHL team?

In conclusion: I really hate the Pittsburgh Penguins.

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