Unfortunately, it was just announced that Amtrak won't be having the Toys for Tots train this year.

News Channel 13 reported that organizers of the Marine Toys for Tots organization announced that Amtrak will not be having the annual Toys for Tots train this year.  Apparently, according to News Channel 13, Amtrak stated it doesn't fit with their business model. The Marines called this 'catastrophic' and it's reported that it will effect 40,000 kids.  Sorry Amtrak, but the fact that you could stop such a huge positive community thing because it doesn't fit you 'business model' is just ludicrous to me.  The Toys for Tots Amtrak train has run from Binghamton to Albany in the past, and you can see photos of all of the children and families waiting for the train here.  In a day and age where there's so much negativity, people are down, communities are strained, why end something so positive?  Here's to hoping that there can be some sort of solution for the Marines and for the Toys for Tots organization.


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