Here in the Capital Region, we see stories of crimes every day. Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga. It happens. Could one of those cities or even another be the one you are most likely to see a crime in?

Think in your head. What town is home to the infamous distinction of having the most crimes? Well, New York Upstate decided to rank the top 25 worst of the worst cities and towns across the Empire State. I see New York City is not at number one. I am assuming that is just a given you know?

So the Capital Region city having the terrible misfortune being among the top of the most dangerous list is.. I doubt a drum roll is needed. Albany. For the past couple of year's, it has reigned in pretty high on the list.

  • #19: Gloversville
  • #12: Troy
  • #10: Schenectady
  • #8: Albany

They have factored their results based off of violent crime data, murders, property theft. Etc. Read more from NYUP here.

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