The Detroit Lions won their first game of the season yesterday, but this Detroit Lions superfan, is very upset about being ejected from the game.


And I thought I was a big Lions fan...

Being a Lions fan, may be the only thing I have in common with this guy, because I have never been ejected from any type of event.

I was told to sit down once by an angry parent, and it made me angry, because the angry parent made me miss the Dooms Day Device.

I was at the Times Union Center for Monday night Raw and the Legion of Doom were in the ring, they were my favorite tag team at the time and I was very excited to see them live.

As Hawk & Animal were setting their opponent up for their finishing maneuver, I stood up and started cheering really loud, but then I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder, so I turned around. An angry parent told me to sit down, because I was in the way of their kids view, I was polite about it and said "ok."

When I turned my attention back toward the ring, Hawk already had his opponent down for the 1,2,3, and I had missed him flying off the top rope, hitting the man on Animals shoulders with a flying clothesline.

I never got to see them live again...





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