In this episode of The Generation X Files, Tatiana and I welcome local film makers Kyle Kleege and Charity Buckbee of Dirty Sweater Productions.

This episode is appropriately titled “Indie-movie-a-go-go” because it’s cool, its crazy, we make some wild movie pitches, and it even gets a little sexy! 

The four of us discuss the rise of independent movies, film making in general (and the ‘bottom dollar’), horror movies, and more.  From the ladies side, Charity and Tatiana chime in about experiences at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah and more. This episode climaxes (no pun intended) at the end where the four of us give the best/worst movie pitch of all time!

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The Hate List

And check out the Capital Region’s own Dirty Sweater Productions and get a peek at Kyle and Charity’s work.

The guy who plays the cop in Partytron looks familiar.


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