Last week DJ Supreme and I sat down with two others on a big comfy couch, to debate the $15 an hour wage increase for fast food employees. 

As you can see, the arguments were solid, but I stand by my argument as to why fast food employees deserve $15 an hour.

I support the wage increase, as long as they make the job more difficult for employees, but entertaining for me. I want to see people dressed as Ronald McDonald behind the counter at McDonald's, I want a Grimace at every McDonalds just walking around the place and I want Hamburglar trying to steal my food, while Sheriff McCheese is trying to catch him.

I want Fry Kids dancing around with Birdie!

I don't just want to be entertained though, I would also like for the food to look the same way it does in the pictures and on commercials, I want to be "Lovin it."

McDonald's employees are not the only fast food employees I want to earn their $15 an hour, by providing me with good food and entertainment.

I want a Colonel at every KFC, I want an army of Colonels! and I want every KFC employee to speak with a Kentucky accent.

I want every Burger King to be like a Renaissance Fair, and i want every Taco Bell to more like Mexico, because I am not running to the boarder so I can buy a taco from Steve who speaks English.

I want every Wendy's employee to look like Wendy, I want to walk into a Wendy's and feel like I am in the company of some weird cult of people with red hair and freckles who want to sell me a square hamburger!

The only problem I can find with the $15 an hour increase is that I don't eat fast food, and I don't think I am going to any time soon, because I don't get paid $15 an hour, I am not going to dine around a bunch of happy people earning $15 an hour.

That's why I always eat at Hooters, because those girls never seem happy to see me. Must be. because I don't get paid $15 an hour.

I support the $15 an hour wage increase, but I want to see them have to work for it.



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