It's the TSM crossover dream team, the dynamic debating duo: DJ Supreme and Dan America are back and this time they are talking about the sidewalk sitting ban in Saratoga, and Election 2016.

DJ Supreme and I keep tackling the issues, we keep debating the hot topics that other debaters are not afraid to debate, but we do it better because we are great.

We did not attend the protest in Saratoga because we both found a place to sit, and please note that we both stood to debate the issue, because we are both 'Stand Up Guys.' Not 'Stand Up Comedians' although I pretend that I am sometimes.

On the political spectrum, like most of America: DJ Supreme and I do not really pay attention to politics but we can debate them because we can make words come out of our mouth holes and it is our constitutional right! To make words with our face holes and that is why Dan America should be Donald Trumps running mate! Because Dan America can make words with his face hole!

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