The Federal Highway Administration has deemed the signs you see on all of the highways that read Taste NY or anything promoting tourism unsafe.

More than just that but they in fact violate state law. So the state that commissioned putting up said signs is actually committing a crime. Now as a pedestrian that just goes about his business I immediately think of how much wording is on these signs and think, well it is illegal to text and drive meanwhile its perfectly fine to nod to the right to read what things are in the next town.

It only takes a mere second of pulling your eyes off the road to cause a major accident and hold up traffic for hours. Only mere seconds to read Taste NY to possibly lose your life.

An official had this to say to News 10,

Some of the signs have non-conforming symbols while others violate sign lettering and other standards…Our position is that simple signs that are easy to read make for safer journeys.

That I can understand but NYSDOT does not and disagrees,

These signs, which follow standard specifications, promote tourism, and we believe are in full compliance with federal law.

In efforts to make these signs a lot safer for motorist and tourists alike the Federal Highway Administration has urged Governor Cuomo to change the signs. This isn't anything breaking as for three years now they have been prodding him to no effect. With a state that has cracked down so hard on texting and driving for good reason, wouldn't you think that they would crack down on these signs too? Both have serious effects if you take your eyes off the road. What are your thoughts?