Yesterday I posted a blog about Police Officers harassing people, and it made some people upset, so today I decided to do a positive blog about the Police. The Police Academy movies. 


You should probably let that song play for the entire time that you read this blog.

1. Police Academy 3: Back in Training. 

3 was the best, it displayed the best of both worlds, that made the Police Academy movies great. It was the perfect combination of slapstick and realism, although they went a little heavy on the slapstick.


2. Police Academy.

The original had very little slapstick and had dramatic moments as much as it did funny moments, but nothing to unrealistic, and at one point in the movie, things get 'real.' However the original is pure 80's.

3. Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. 

Police Academy 4 featured a lot of action and slapstick, at some points it seemed as if they were trying a little too hard with this one, it strayed away from how silly the 3rd movie was, but Police Academy 4 featured the most stars, before they were stars.

Fun Fact! Tony Hawk was in Police Academy 4.

4. Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment. 

This one was a little dark, but at the same time kind of silly, but the stupid kind of silly, it defiantly took the franchise in a different direction and introduced Mauser, but Police Academy 2 makes the list at number 2 because of Bobcat Goldthwait's performance, it was brilliant!

5. Police Academy 6: City Under Siege.

Police Academy 6, is so different from the rest, because it focuses on 4 members of the squad vs their 4 criminal equals, and is actually a pretty good action/comedy movie.

6. Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach. 

Police Academy 5, was just plain zany, but I still love seeing Tackleberry point a gun in a sharks face and tell him to "Move it! Move it! Move it!"

7. Police Academy: Mission to Moscow.

Well they tried.




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