For many public pools are a necessity in the summer. Here is what is happening this summer with the two in Troy.

It is being said neither pool will open this summer for safety and operations concerns. Being someone who has had a summer job working at one of these pools I know many kids will be upset about that. It was always day in and day out the same kids coming each day. Now they will have to find something else to do.

With that Mayor Patrick Madden is said to be working with 20 different organizations to come up with some other programs this summer. Deputy Mayor Monica Kurzejeski and the Director of Parks and Recreation George Rogers had said there is nothing that can be done to have the pools open this summer, according to the Times Union.

I do know from not only working at one of the pools but also as a former laborer with the department of parks and recreation, the pools can be a hassle. Both have to be painted each year and of course the daily cost from employees and having to potentially fill them a few times a week with gallons of water.

Does this all upset you?