Murder Hornets dominated the news and social media since last weekend. They are the latest scary threat to the American way of life.

Just FYI, I'm saying that tongue in cheek. Most experts seem to agree that a small number of Murder Hornets or the  Asian giant hornet may have made it to the United States, but they aren't the overwhelming threat that some have made them out to be. At least right now, the numbers are so small and spread out that they don't pose a huge threat...That could change if the number grows. So far there haven't been any reports of Murder Hornet sightings here in the Capital Region.

Yes, they can and will kill our fragile honey bees if they get into a hive, but as you'll see in the video below the Asian bees have come up with a pretty cool defense against a Murder Hornet attack. So now we just need to show the American bees what to do. I'm betting that scientists are working on a "How To" video to put on Insect YouTube to show them what to do....There is an Insect YouTube right? Well, if there's not...there should be.

I think the defense I like best is the Praying Mantis defense. In the video below that's been watched over 52 million times in the last couple days. In the video you'll see that much like the honey badger, the Praying Mantis, "Don't give a F@*K" about the Murder Hornet and just attacks and eats its brain - like something out of "The Walking Dead". I'll warn you it's crazy, a little graphic, but oddly satisfying. I'll be stationing an army of Praying Mantasis? Mantisees? Mantis'? Mantises...(whatever the plural is for Mantis) -  the brain-eating little alien-looking bugs - all over my yard to keep my family protected.



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