In the wake of the Times Union reporting that Mary K. Letourneau and her husband of 12 years, former student Vili Fualaau, were separating, my mind was boggled.  Not about the whole "affair with a student-jail time-get married" thing.  That boggled my mind years ago and I got over it.  What caught me off guard was the fact that this couple stayed married for 12 YEARS! With a history full of dysfunction, I question how they stayed married longer than some couples I know, that I would have sworn would be together forever.  Of course, going down the wormhole, I began to think about other things that have just boggled my mind.  So here's a list of my Top 5.

  • Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images
    Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images

    Mary K. Letourneau's 12 Year Marriage

    I mean, I understand that they had children, and that sometimes can help to keep a relationship together.  Also, they're older now, she's 55, he's 33, and with age comes maturity (still quite the age difference, that hasn't changed).  But HOW, and really, HOW with all of the dysfunction this couple was involved with, did their marriage last 12 years.  And why is the news still reporting on them?!  I guess I'm guilty, putting in in my blog post, but nonetheless...

  • Credit: Peter Cade/Getty Images
    Credit: Peter Cade/Getty Images

    Kiss going Disco

    Being a huge Kiss fan, I struggled with "I Was Made For Lovin' You."  Ok, the song is catchy.  But coming from Kiss, it felt like a blow to the gut.  "Dynasty" didn't solidify the band's dynasty, it actually helped to destroy it with some fans who preferred their rock sound (like me).  I'll always love Kiss, but I try to pretend that their 'disco' phase just didn't happen.

  • Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images
    Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

    Van Halen's Next Tour

    Van Halen! PLEASE just announce a tour with Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth.  We keep getting teased, and Sammy Hagar spoke about it YET again (which I read about on Ultimate Classic Rock).  Do they not realize how many fans would die to see a tour of this caliber, with both Hagar and Roth.  I need this. Rock needs this. My mind is boggled, please stop teasing and just ANNOUNCE A TOUR!

  • Credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images
    Credit: Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images


    Apparently, this is a thing.  I spent much of the the past week going down a wormhole watching endless YouTube videos and listening to podcasts about people who believe the earth is flat.  There's even a society about it.  In an age of space exploration, scientific discovery, and technology, this is really a thing? With a LOT of followers nonetheless.  Not to offend anyone out there who may be a 'flat-earther,' but I'm pretty boggled.

  • Credit: Carl Court /Getty Images
    Credit: Carl Court /Getty Images

    My Cell Phone vs. My Super Nintendo

    WHY is it that I can not have a cell phone that manages to last more than a year and a half, yet my Super Nintendo from DECADES ago still works perfectly.  I just want my new technology to NOT break down after a year.  With all of the advances that we have, can we really not figure out a way to make that happen?

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