We recently met up with vocalist Bert McCracken and bassist Jeph Howard of the Used for an exclusive interview. In this clip, the duo talk about continuing on despite guitarist Quinn Allman's hiatus, how hardcore fans have continued to show support and what the future goals of the Used are.

Shortly before a gig with Every Time I Die, we set up shop at Brooklyn venue the Warsaw. Hanging out at the bar, Bert and Jeph joined us to talk about all things Used.

First off, we explore the subject of time with Bert and how the concept has strung through the Used's entire career. "I've always been interested in the relativity of time and how it'll speed up and slow down according to how much it wants to f--- with our lives," says Bert. "We're all kind of trapped in it."

We move on to speak about Quinn Allman's leave from the Used, with the guitarist planning to take a full year off before returning. Bert and Jeph describe the evolution of their friendships within the band, along with tackling the reality that for the first time in well over a decade, Allman isn't sharing the stage with the Used.

Bert and Jeph go on to show massive appreciation for their fans, Every Time I Die's relentless dedication to music, still being able to perform for packed houses and much more.

Enjoy our exclusive interview with Bert McCracken and Jeph Howard in the video above!

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